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Open Air Theatre Design Standards Pdf. Open Air Theatre Design Standards Pdf - Hi Guys Beautiful Design, On this occasion we gave several images / wallpapers related to the title Open Air Theatre Design Standards Pdf, you can download it for reference or collection. Alright, happy reading. Title : Open Air Theatre Design Standards Pdf the design parameters that optimise acoustic function and maximise sound protection in an urban open-air theatre (location, theatre form, sound barriers) and includes an analysis of the theatre's initial state, acoustic proposals and an assessment of the final applications. 1. Introduction The Municipal Garden Theatre is the last open-air spac Theatre design, however, is concerned with elaborating such space—first, to provide the optimum conditions for the audience to experience a theatre performance and, second, to aid the performers in achieving the fullest expression of their art. The practice of theatre design can encompass open-air spaces or spaces that are fully enclosed. Acces PDF Theatre Design Guidelines can encompass open-air spaces or spaces that are fully enclosed. It can involve a temporary structure put up only on certain occasions or a complete stand-alone permanent building. Theatre design ¦ architecture ¦ Britannica Evidence-based information on operating theatre guidelines from hundreds of trustworth

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Bookmark File PDF Theatre Design Guidelines and as a result fats, isn't it? You have to favor to in this declare The free Kindle books here can be borrowed for 14 days and then will be automatically returned to the owner at that time. Theatre Design Guidelines Theater design developed from the open-air amphitheaters of the Greeks and Romans to th By American standards 1400seats represents- a large recital-ensemble room, or a medium capacity concert hall. Most recent symphony halls, partly for economic reasons, seat 2300-2500 (a practical upper limit for Frontal design with natural acoustics). While this design guide's emphasis of primary purpose Frontal for Theatre buildings evolved from the open-air amphitheatres of the Greeks and Romans to the incredible array of forms we see today. Though some forms work better for particular types of performance, there is no ideal shape for a theatre. A theatre may house drama, classical or popular music, opera, musicals, ballet, modern dance, spoken word, circus This theatre opened as the Selwyn Theatre in 1918 with 1,180 seats—6.4 square feet per seat. The theatre was renovated for the Roundabout Theatre Company and reopened in 2000 with 740 seats—10.2 square feet per seat. This is a high figure by Broadway standards, and is due to the Roundabout's non-profit regional theatre business model 4 IATA Open Air API Standards and Best Practices An IATA Open Air API document MUST be RESTful, MUST adhere to OAS 3.0 standard, and MUST use HTTPS protocol. All data structures MUST be defined using JSON Schema with modifications as defined in the OAS 3.0 standard. Each Open Air API document MUST be available in JSON format, and MAY in addition be availabl

Title: AMPHITHEATER-GUIDELINES - ACAD 2007 Model (1) Author: sscudder Created Date: 10/5/2012 4:41:52 P SCOPE 1.1 This standard covers acoustical requirements and design of various types of auditoriums and conference halls. 1.1.1 This code does not give, recommendations for ancillary facilities, such as lighting, air-conditioning, fire fighting, toilets, number and size of emergency exists, etc, to be provided in auditoriums and conference halls

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AUDITORIUM DESIGN.pdf | Resonance | Sound Auditorium Seating Design Standards Reflective design in an Theater design developed from the open-air amphitheaters of the Greeks and Romans to the incredible array of forms we see today. Theater Design : 7 Basic Rules for Designing a Good Theater 7 Best neufert images | Auditorium design, Theatre. Theatre Forum Ireland 10/04//2007 Guidelines for Building an Arts Venue Page 4 of 70 1. INTRODUCTION Taking on the design and build of a cultural building is exciting, and adds a Seating. plan. Please note, seating plans are only representative of the auditorium, and layout and price breaks may alter for each production. Please see our terms and conditions for further information. The view-from-a-seat photos above are from our 2019 production of Evita. Seats in the Upper Tier (Row K - T) are accessed via steep stairs

Now for the 2012 season Haworth Tompkins have returned to the theatre, relocating the offices onto the site, rebuilding the dressing rooms, wardrobe and workshops and creating a new box office and sheltered seating canopy. Central to the renovation is the new Box Office and public face of the theatre, which will be open all year round APL Design Workshop creates foyer disguised by trees for open-air theatre in Japan Architecture studio APL Design Workshop has built a foyer on a raised platform ringed by trees for an open-air. Theater design developed from the open-air amphitheaters of the Greeks and Romans to the incredible array of forms we see today; this is especially observed in the Extraordinary Concert Halls Designs around the world. Though some forms work better for particular types of performance, there is no ideal shape or size of a theater

standard. 0.7 This standard is intended chiefly to cover the technical provisions relating to the acoustical design of auditoriums and conference halls, and it does not cover all the necessary provisions ofa contract. 1. SCOPE l.t This standard covers acoustical requirements and design of various types ofauditoriums and conference halls 1. End Stage. Save this picture! Courtesy of Theatre Solutions Inc. In the End Stage form, the entire audience faces the stage in the same direction. Sightlines are kept simple, making these. Fortunately in an open-air theatre these frequency-dependent reflections generally pass over the heads of the audience, but since the reflections come to a focus on the stage they can be extremely disturbing to performers rehearsing in an empty theatre. ACOUSTICAL DESIGN PRINCIPLES Proper acoustics of a building means two things Cataloguing in Publication Data First English language edition published by Neufert, Ernst, Crosby Lockwood Staples 1970 Architect's data.—2nd (international) Reprinted 1973, 1975,1977, 1978 (twIce) English ed. Second (International) English Edition 1. Architectural design: Technical data. first published in Great Britain 1980by I. Title II

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  1. Architectural and Design Standards for Presidential Libraries Revised May 2008 Part 2: Page 7 . Section B. Public spaces. 2.10 Public Entrance and Lobby. 2.10.1 The public entrance and lobby will serve as an introduction to the library and as a.
  2. Design Standards in Museum Exhibits. LOTHAR P. WITTEBORG. CHIEF OF EXHIBITION. The American Museum of Natural History. Search for more papers by this author. View the article PDF and any associated supplements and figures for a period of 48 hours. Article can not be printed. Article can not be downloaded
  3. Acoustical design professionals often will position diffuser panels on the walls in the front one-third of the auditorium and suspend panels over the audience. These panels will project sound toward the entire audience. On the middle one-third of each side wall a combination of diffuser and absorber pan-els is often recommended

standards to be found in the following seven sections. Administrative Management Policy 1) The museum is constituted on the basis of some organizational document such as municipal bylaws, a constitution of a not-for-profit corporation or such other document giving evidence of the facility's legal existence

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Convention Center Design & Requirements Study Survey of Leading Convention & Exhibition Producers on Convention Center Design & Functionality Requirements with Opinion of Contiguous & Non-Contiguous Hall Space With San Diego Convention Center Clients & Prospects Response Breakouts Developed for By Divisions of September 201 Sydney Coliseum Theatre / Cox Architecture David Brownlow Theatre / Jonathan Tuckey Design Unique Mount EMEI Theater / WG Studio + BIAD-BOA Studio Huanchaca Ruins Open Air Theatre / Ramón Coz. Shareable Link. Use the link below to share a full-text version of this article with your friends and colleagues. Learn more for open-air ancient theatres are presented. 2. Case Study The ancient theatre of Tyndaris was chosen as case study for this measurement campaign that was carried out in September 2015 by the Applied Acoustics Research Group of the Department of Energy of the Politecnico di Torino. The theatre has Greek origins and it was later changed into an. applied sciences Article The Accuracy of Predicted Acoustical Parameters in Ancient Open-Air Theatres: A Case Study in Syracusae Elena Bo 1,*, Louena Shtrepi 1 ID, David Pelegrín Garcia 2, Giulio Barbato 3, Francesco Aletta 4 ID and Arianna Astolfi 1 ID 1 Department of Energy, Politecnico di Torino, 10129 Turin, Italy; louena.shtrepi@polito.it (L.S.); arianna.astolfi@polito.it (A.A.

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STAGE DRAPERY Main Curtain: Guillotine only, manual operation from stage right. Red in colour, velour in composition. Legs: 04 - pairs (8 x 20 ft) (2.44 x 6.096M Nick Lidster's acclaimed sound design recaptures early '70s classic rock idiom. With one of the largest single-level auditoria in London, and the oldest permanent outdoor theatre in the UK, Regent's Park Open Air Theatre (OAT) has played host to Martin Audio's W8LM Mini Line Array over the last five years

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Theatre Design - Auditorium. Primary objective = bring in as many people as possible within the optimum range of distances from the performance area, by: increasing the degree of encirclement in plan. vertical layering eg. add in one or more tiers - this has the advantage of increasing number of seats without unduly increasing the distance from. open-air theatre means any place or structure— (a) which is used or intended to be used for the purpose of Design, construction, equipment and maintenance standards 31 7JJ. (1) For the purposes of this Division, an ordinance standards of design, construction and maintenance of places of public entertainment and temporary structures Architectural Standard - Ernst & Peter Neufert - Architects' Data. direct dowload for pdf not working problem. you can download by downloading the torrent file provided and once opened using torrent downloader, choose pdf. done Open air events and venues ISBN-13: 978 1 85112 823 5 Open air events, e.g. theme parks, zoos, music concerts, sporting events (not stadia - see Large places of assembly), fairgrounds and county fairs. Healthcare premises ISBN-13: 978 1 85112 824 2 Premises where the primary use is the provision of healtcare (including private) TB sputum collection Open air Conducted in the open air Pharmacy/dispensary One 3.0m x 3.0m (9m2) With compounding space, sink, dispensing/counselling area Pharmacy stores One 1.5m x 1.5m (2.25m2) The store needs to be large enough to fi t all supplies. It should be a room or, in the case of a very small health centre, a cupboard o

The PABCO Gypsum QuietRock Sound Design Guide can be used similarly to the Gypsum Association's GA-600, Fire Resistance Manual. We however, present the information in a unique fashion: 1. The Primary purpose of this design guide is to provide details on sound rated assemblies; where the Fire Design Guide is rightl 1-7by7. An auditorium (from the Latin audire: to feel) or concert hall is a building or hall specially built or renovated to host concerts, events and shows of musical content. It is therefore designed to have very good acoustics. The term originally designated the semicircular part of the Greek theater. A cinema is a public place intended. design process. C Major development8 proposals should meet the minimum standards outlined in the Mayor's supplementary planning guidance and this should be clearly demonstrated within a design and access statement. The standards include measures to achieve other policies in this Plan and the following sustainable design principles

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Some specific ways this standard is achieved and demonstrated are: * Design elements (i.e. color, lights graphic treatments, exhibit furniture) contribute to and support the exhibition's ideas and tone. * Orientation at the start and throughout the exhibition provides visitors with a conceptual, physical, and affective overview of the exhibition Based on the client's brief, 5+1AA, Studio Marco Piva and Arup developed a design concept based on the idea of dynamical forms, able to define functional interlaced spaces but also modulated, to strongly interact with the environment reacting to natural or artificial lights, generating visual surprises and reflection effects Theatre design, the art and technique of designing and building a space—a theatre—intended primarily for the performance of drama and its allied arts by live performers who are physically present in front of a live audience.. This article describes the different forms a theatre can take and the history of those forms. In doing so, it will use two terms—theatre design and theatre. modern theatre industry, most hardware uses the DMX-512 protocol to communicate with the control console.5 2.2 DMX-512 Protocol DMX-512 is a standard protocol used to set up lighting systems that are capable of transmitting commands from a master controller to theatrical lighting fixtures. Such lighting control protocol

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29 | P a g e The function of this stair is that it provides an egress point from the auditorium. Fabricated from steel with minimal vertical support. The stair is attached to the side of the building on a blank façade S e) TRIVENI TERRACE CAFE The Triveni Terrace Café overlooking the beautifully landscaped lawns of the Open Air - Theatre is. Learn more about Home at ashrae.org. New 90.1 User's Manual Available in the ASHRAE Bookstore. This Manual helps users of Standard 90.1-2019 understand its principles and requirements and how to comply with them

Interior Design Tips for Theaters. Great auditorium acoustics were the result of this project at Wichita Southeast High School. Hard surfaces reflect sound, so choose fabric-upholstered seats to help control reverb in the theater. Metal or plastic seating may be cheaper, but they can mean disaster for your acoustics. Absorptive seating, on the. Levels for environmental conditions, performance characteristics and general design criteria for building services, etc. are suggested. These were drawn out from existing local and foreign codes, standards, basic design practices, etc., as well- as energy surveys and audits. V Auditorium Seating Design Standards | www.imgarcade.com - Online Image Arcade! See related links to what you are looking for. Saved by Mehmet Karasu. 53. Auditorium Design Auditorium Plan Auditorium Seating Theater Architecture Study Architecture Theatre Design Theater Seating Stage Set Concert Hall Vondelpark Open Air Theatre There are a wide range of shows and all are full of fun. The center of Amsterdam is only a ride away, so if you're in the Dutch capital you should check it out

Relevant Codes and Standards. The following agencies and organizations have developed codes and standards affecting the design of Auditoriums. Note that the codes and standards are minimum requirements. Architects, engineers, and consultants should consider exceeding the applicable requirements whenever possible. Americans with Disabilities Act. Shakespeare's company, the Lord Chamberlain's Men, was one of several to perform at the Theatre, appearing there by about 1594. A few years later, the Burbages lost their lease on the Theatre site and began construction of a new, larger playhouse, the Globe, just south of the Thames. To pay for it, they shared the lease with the five partners. Https Www Miamidade Gov Environment Library Guidelines Fats Oils Grease Control Program Pdf. Grease Interceptor Sizing And Installation Guidelines. Https Charlottenc Gov Water Documents Grease 20trap 20policy 202017 Pdf. Open Air Theatre Design Standards Open air theatre—Three members of the stage crew at Puyallup High School survey the wreckage of the stage, which was caved in by the earthquake just as they were leaving for lunch. Under the debris are a ping-pong table and a grand piano. Seattle Times staff photo by Larry Dion (from Ulrich, 1949) According to standards: Forty students per class is the commonly accepted standard. An area of 1.2 sq. m. per child is required for the effective performance of all the activities in the classroom.

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Theatre design - Theatre design - History: Nearly all modern theatre design can be traced back to the theatrical traditions established by the Greek-speaking peoples of the Mediterranean starting in the 6th century bce. Records exist concerning independent traditions in the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas before the arrival of Europeans, but too little is known about these to be able to. Open Air Theatre Fountain Shows Our Open Air Theatre fountains run daily from 10 am â€11 pm. Shows are weather permitting. From our traditional poinsettia standards to our. Occupancy Rate. Occupancy Rate is maximum numbers of persons per area unit. If the minimum area per person is 100 sq ft - the occupation rate is 1/100 = 0.01 person per sq.ft - or 10 persons per 1000 sq.ft. Physiology - Human physiology, air quality and comfort temperatures, activity and metabolic rates, health effects of carbon monoxide and more impression X4 XL. The incredible light output of 55 high power RGBW LEDs (each rated at 15W) coupled with the highly efficient 7 - 50° zoom lense make the impression X4 XL unique and unmatched in the lighting market. The optics, originally from the approved impression X4, gives a well defined beam, complete with hard edge in the lower zoom.

We are the Welsh Government's historic environment service working for an accessible and well-protected historic environment for Wales. Find out more about what we do. Latest from Cadw. Indoor heritage attractions, monuments and museums to re-open from 17 May Current Projects. Through innovative design, UC San Diego's transformational projects inspire and deliver UC San Diego's vision of the future. With the focus on creating new and better ways of collaborating across groups and disciplines, new construction projects revolutionize the physical, cultural, intellectual, healthcare, patient care. Ark Elevator Workshop Build Guide Elevator Base Building. Ark Survival Evolved The 10 Best Base Builds Designs For Pve. Better Underwater Tek Base Design Modded Ark Eternal Isles. Futuristic Tek Base Expansion Modded Ark Pugnacia Ep 11. Ark Survival Evolved Tek Base Design Tek Skyscraper Ark Understanding LED light Lux and Lumen levels. The term Lux (lx) is the typical measurement used in various Australian Standards and Building Codes to determine the minimum light levels for various areas so is probably the most familiar and most useful measurement to consider when purchasing a LED light bulb. Lux is the SI unit of luminance or. Crazy for You is a romantic comedy musical with a book by Ken Ludwig, lyrics by Ira Gershwin, and music by George Gershwin.Billed as The New Gershwin Musical Comedy, it is largely based on the songwriting team's 1930 musical Girl Crazy, but also incorporates songs from several other productions. Crazy for You won the 1992 Tony Award (Broadway) 1993 Olivier Award (London) and 1994 Dora Award.

In April 1934 de Valois created a new ballet, The Haunted Ballroom, with Helpmann and Alicia Markova in the leading roles. The Times commented that of the soloists Helpmann had the greatest opportunities, and made fine use of them. He co-starred with Markova in Swan Lake, danced in operas, and appeared at the Open Air Theatre, Regent's Park. In 1935 he was leading dancer in the revue Stop. excluded from this directive (Article 1, §2, (j)). Common and specific safety standards within Europe for both types of machinery usehave to be ensured. • In several EU member states different requirements and standards exist. Major theatre-building-projects in Europe refer tonational standards what creates trade barriers over Europe features - the pond, the restaurant, tea-house and open-air theatre - was completed in 2009. The design inspiration for the Park came as a direct response to the dramatic climate and landscape of the region and the common need for a public garden People stroll along the main paved spine looking towards the north-western entrance to the Park

J. Indoor theatre (Amended 10/9/03) Section 161: Lot Requirements K. Open air market (farm and craft markets, produce markets, and horticultural sales with outdoor design standards, in addition to all other applicable regulations: (Amended 2/11/99) 1. Bay doors shall be oriented away from the public right-of-way, if possible Neutral or standard room air pressure, for example standard air conditioning, also known as determined by the proposed operational policy and be included at an early stage of the design process. Where an Anteroom is however a requirement, it must be provided with self-closing when the door to the Bedroom is open, air from the corridor. The U.S. Access Board is a federal agency that promotes equality for people with disabilities through leadership in accessible design and the development of accessibility guidelines and standards for the built environment, transportation, communication, medical diagnostic equipment, and information technology Workshop 'Structural Fire Design of Buildings according to the Eurocodes' - Brussels, 2728 November 2012- 28 Annex C of EN 1991-1-2: • Flame is not impacting the ceiling of a compartment (L f < H) • Fires in open air The flame length L f of a localised fire is given by Medieval theatre was presented on elaborate temporary stages inside great halls, barns, or in the open courtyards of galleried inns. It was from these that Elizabethan timber-framed open-air theatres took their form, such as the Globe in London. They were often multi-sided buildings, with a covered platform stage against one side

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From the University of Florida College of Fine Arts, Charlie Mitchell and distinguished colleagues from across America present an introductory text for theatre and theoretical production. This book seeks to give insight into the people and processes that create theater. It does not strip away the feeling of magic but to add wonder for the artistry that make a production work well grounds and other open-air events, and cinema and theatre inspections. RICS qualification As a building control surveyor, you will be offering guidance and advice on how to achieve building standards, to create an inclusive environment and address climate change through energy conservation. Whether you work in the public o Although the theatre is an open-air space, the calculation of those room criteria is only possible because a reverberation time can be measured/simulated. Nevertheless, it is important to notice that in an open-air enclosure such as an open-air theatre, the absence of the ceiling and other boundaries make the acoustic field more similar to a.

Any Theatre or Musical Theatre major whose overall GPA falls below 2.75 in any semester will be given No-Pass, No-Play status for the following semester. Any Theatre or Musical Theatre major found to be in violation of the Young Harris College Honor Code will be given No-Pass, No-Play status for a period of up to 16 academic weeks structural loads of central equipment will also affect the building's structural system design. Location of the mechanical equipment can influence building aesthetics and the acoustical environment in occupied areas. The spatial layout of the HVAC system needs to be programmed early in the design phase and coordinated with all other building. Cinema architecture and design, from temporary open-air cinemas to multi-purpose movie theatres, film archives and institutes

National Institute of Design, Ma dhya Pradesh (NID MP) is an autonomous inst itute under the Depart ment for Promotion walking on an eternal quest to redefine the prevailing formats and standards of Design education for the growth of − An Open-Air Theatre with capacity to accommodate more than 1000 persons is currently under construction Jan 7, 2017 - This Auditorium Seating Layout and Dimensions will give seating layout examples, and teach theater seat dimensions, seat widths, row spacing, & more The new QSO operating theatre switchboards are the ideal solution to supply operating theatres and group 2 medical locations according to the IEC 60364-7-710 reference standard. All the switchboards are wired by ABB, and are equipped with the declaration of conformit

coffee shop, theatre, open-air cinema, wedding plaza, gourmet inclusive bars, lounges and restaurants framed by open-air terraces and reflection pools. Benefiting from a BIM Methodology Bexel wanted to coordinate a BIM methodology between all stakeholders from design through to delivery. This included th Theatre major tracks include: Acting for the Stage and Screen. Musical Theatre Performance. Design and Technical Theatre. Secondary Education - Theatre/Communications. Unique to DeSales is the chance to work with seasoned professionals from the University-hosted Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival Credit Union Open Air Theatre is a premiere outdoor concert venue to accommodate approximately 4,800 guests. 168,387 attended basketball games in 2014-15 BY THE NUMBERS 30 concerts in 2014-15 106 total events in 2014-15 ASSOCIATED STUDENTS, SAN DIEGO STATE UNIVERSITY 8 ANNUAL REPORT 2013-1 14. Choose a Suitable Location for your Business. When starting your business, note that your drive-in movie theatre should be located in an area where there is a lot of driving traffic. Also have it in mind that a large land space is needed for the screen, stand and parking space This document is not a procedural step-by-step set of instructions on how to create a duct design; rather, it is a guideline to the considerations for duct design in an energy efficient house. The procedures of residential HVAC design (see Figure 1) are covered in detail by a series o

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10.2.2. Installations and facilities in the design stage In new installations, quantification of the noise problem at the design stage may range from simple to difficult but never impossible. At the design stage the problems are the same as for existing installations; they are identification of the source or sources, determination of th design team to be presented to the governing body in charge of the land. This report details what we recommended and how we made the required decisions for our design. To begin our design, we completed an informal site analysis of the extension land, making note of topographical features, infrastructure, and nearby wetlands. In order to do this The Octagon Theatre Day conference One day $7,000 +GST Winthrop Hall School graduation One night $7,500 +GST Winthrop Hall Banquet for 400 One night $7,000 +GST The Dolphin Theatre Talking head One night $3,000 +GST The Dolphin Theatre Thu-Sat theatre show One week $13,000 +GST Events in our open-air spaces are too bespoke to offer indicativ Nov 17, 2018 - The shape of the stage enclosure has a big effect on sound. David Egan, in his excellent text Architectural Acoustics shows this - 48061

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Plenum ventilation in buildings - Designing Buildings Wiki - Share your construction industry knowledge. Plenums are air compartments or chambers that are sometimes found in buildings, either above suspended ceilings, in the gap between the ceiling and the floor slab, or below raised floors in the gap between the raised floor and the floor slab Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre, Moonlight Flicks and touring work. You will manage and maintain equipment and teams across all our work and spaces. Management of our offsite storage, ensuring all Storyhouse assets are looked after to the highest standards. Management and delivery of a planned and ongoing maintenance programme across all you The Roman theatre in Malaga presents the archaeological remains of the main vestige of the Roman Malaca. It is located in the historical centre of the city, at the foot of the hill of the Muslim Alcazaba and was discovered in 1952. It is a medium-sized theatre whose design corresponds to a mixed construction that combines making use of the. The following agencies and organizations have developed codes and standards affecting the design of lobbies. Note that the codes and standards are minimum requirements. Architects, engineers, and consultants should consider exceeding the applicable requirements whenever possible: GSA PBS-P100 Facilities Standards for the Public Buildings Servic MULTIPLEX. LITERATURE INTRODUCTION:. Multiplex is an integrated entertainment place having at least 3 cinema halls and shopping mall. Apart from cinema halls, shopping mall we have other entertainment areas like restaurants, cafeteria, fast food centers, video games, pubs, and other recreational activities.. 2 HISTORY 1922 the first shoping mall was the country club plaza was opened near kanas.

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With an area of land devoted to 47 000 square meters and a gross area of 27 000 square meters, the Grand Theatre in Rabat is a cultural space of the highest standards. It will include a 2050-seat theater, a small theater of 520 seats, creative studios and fully equipped, open-air amphitheater with a capacity of up to 7,000 people Stora Enso Building Solutions have supplied CLT for London's iconic Regent's Park Open Air Theatre . The much loved Theatre is a London landmark and a firm fixture of summer in the city, with more than 130,000 people attending performances between May and September


Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay believes that the arts is for everyone. Discover what's on at Singapore's home for the performing arts and explore this iconic destination along the waterfront. You're in for an arts experience like no other Illusion Design & Construct is a specialist company dedicated to creating scenery of the highest professional standard, for all sectors of the entertainment and retail industries. WHO We pride ourselves on our experience, dedication, and most of all our quality of finish Cumberbatch at the premiere o 12 Years a Slave at the 2013 Toronto Internaitional Film Festival. Born. Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch. ( 1976-07-19) 19 Julie 1976 (age 44) Hammersmith, Lunnon, England. Eddication. BA in Drama. MA in Classical Actin for the Professional Theatre Jun 7, 2017 - By Brian Wheeler Charlottesville Tomorrow Friday, May 1, 2009 Regal Entertainment Group announced plans today to build a major upgrade to its Regal Cinema 4 th Broadway's #1 web site. Your guide to all things theatre on Broadway and around the world including shows, news, reviews, broadway tickets, regional theatre and more..