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Replacing the laminate benchtops with stone benchtops or going for the other options cost significantly higher. So, going with the affordable option of painting laminate benchtop is like getting big things done in a smaller package. Painted Laminate benchtop with proper finishing withstands moisture better than laminate benchtops Laminate benchtops, on the other hand, are a popular alternative to stone benchtops. They are made out of laminate materials such as MDF board, ply or chipboard and can replicate the look of natural materials such as wood grain, granite and even marble

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Low cost: It's a low-cost kitchen benchtop material that you can install in your kitchen, and can be turned around faster than granite or stone top. Effortless to maintain: Laminate's sturdy surface makes it effortless to clean while it's also resistant to surface stains and wear. Eco-friendly: As laminate's decorative papers are free from elemental chlorine, the laminate is regarded as a. Laminate (with rolled edges): $625.00. Caesarstone (a popular reconstituted stone product): $2800.00. Granite: $3300.00. Marble: $3500.00. These are average prices and you'll find significant price variations when you get quotes, but laminate will always cost far less than either reconstituted or natural stone As granite is a natural material, no two benchtops are identical. Granite benchtops are low-porous, able to withstand high temperatures, and can resist scratches and stains. Granite, a strong and durable stone, is a common and widely occurring type of igneous rock with a grained texture

Bench tops are usually made at 32mm or 38mm thick, but being custom made, you can specify just about any thickness depending on your style. Stone. We work with a Melbourne based stonemason who will provide a check measure service and installation to supply reconstituted stone bench tops. Preformed laminate benchtop slabs are typically 3,650 x 600mm (single rolled edge) or 3,650 x 900mm (double rolled edge) in a variety of thicknesses and edge profiles. The ease of cutting means the benchtops can be cut to size on site Laminate Kitchen Benchtops | Northern Benchtops. Call us on (09) 430 0878. ProDucts. Laminate Benchtops. Laminate is a cost effective and versatile product with a wide array of colours and finishes. Laminex / Formica. Laminex and Formica have merged to create one range, with decors to suit both contempory, classic and modern design aesthetics. Milestone can estimate large scale projects within one to two working days. With the capacity to provide 25 to 35 kitchens per week no job is to big or small! With the growing demand for stone Benchtops in the domestic market laminate is fast becoming outdated with cost effective stone alternatives

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For true drama in a benchtop, you can't go past stone. Slabs of stone are ideal work surfaces, offering a natural beauty to any kitchen space. Granite and marble are two very popular options when it comes to stone benchtops: granite is traditionally black and marble white with dark veins of colour, but these tones can vary The non-porous surface resists staining, scratching and doesn't need any ongoing maintenance. Quartz is a common engineered stone benchtop. 2. Laminate benchtops. Laminex. If your kitchen reno is on a tight budget then laminate should be your go-to, but that doesn't mean you have to compromise on looks Most of the benchtop repairs we get called to are from people standing or sitting on stone benches or burn marks on laminate benchtops from hot saucepan or other kitchen utilities. Our talented team of technicians are experts in fixing Caeserstone Benchtops, Granite Benchtops, Marble Benchtops, Polymarble Benchtops, Porcelain Benchtops and. Laminate, granite, marble, engineered stone and stainless steel all have their advantages. All you need to know is here Benchtops contains 115 item

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  1. Granite comes in a range of finishes including a high polish, honed (matt) and a leathered textured finished as well as a vast array of colours, veining, flecks and swirls. This unique, natural beauty makes it one of the most desirable high end option for benchtops - like a fingerprint, no two slabs are exactly the same
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  4. Time for a Change Modern, elegant and luxurious benchtops Explore our collection Breathtaking design essentials for modern home living. The secret to our stunning benchtops, doors and splashbacks is that they are made-to-measure and precisely cover your existing surfaces, leaving a pristine, fabulous finish. The finishe
  5. Earthstone Overlay. Earthstone is a 6mm thick stone veneer made from natural quartz and granite creating a flexible, hard wearing, stain resistant surface. Earthstone is the perfect material to do a Kitchen Makeover in an existing kitchen a new kitchen or bathroom. Earthstone advance manufacturing technology allows the stone to be.
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Oct 18, 2016 - Explore Elicia Ignjatovic's board granite benchtop on Pinterest. See more ideas about granite benchtop, granite, granite kitchen If you are considering a glass, metal, tile or stone splashback or perhaps a benchtop in granite, marble, stainless steel, reconstituted stone, laminate or timber, there are hundreds of colour, style and texture options on display at Home Base. Our Perth showroom is open 7 days a week for you see the colours and feel the textures for benchtops. Granite is the second most expensive benchtop surface behind marble, and is arguably the most attractive. Granite is a natural product, and for that reason it's prone to colour variations - but like all natural products this adds to the charm of the material and the overall aesthetic. Granite is not porous, and unlike laminate or acrylic it.

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Timber Benchtops. Stylish and ageless, timber offers endless scope for individual design. The warmth and richness of timber is unique to every benchtop and will always complement and enhance any interior. Hunter Joinery Group is a leading supplier of DGI Timber, Australia's leading manufacturer of glue laminated solid timber benchtops. Learn. We supply Engineered Stone, Ceramic, Acrylic, Granite and Marble Benchtops. Whether it be Engineered Stone like Primestone, Silestone or Carsarstone; one of the New Ceramic Surfaces like Dekton or Laminam; or the classic beauty and movement of natural stone like Granite and Marble - you've come to the right place

Laminex create hardworking surfaces made for real projects - for real life. Form and function unite to create beautiful and practical benchtops cabinetry, splashbacks, wall panels and doors. We also manufacture speciality surfaces like chemical resistant and anti-microbial surfaces for healthcare and education through to alfresco solutions and. The options we have available include granite, quartzite, marble, quartz (engineered stone), and more. Quality craftsmanship - each member of our team is skilled and experienced. We also take pride in the quality of the benchtops that we manufacture, constantly striving to be the leading manufacturer in the industry

Benchtops Newcastle are the leaders in laminate kitchen benchtops Newcastle. Besides the choice of finishes to laminate benchtops, you also need to think about their function, location, and size. With many possible options, it is crucial to get it right Currently, the two best are probably: Duropal's 3mm radius, Quadra profile with a range of 9 colors. Laminex® Squareform® benchtops with a range of 20 colours. Both of these products, while not the only ones we recommend, are at the cutting edge of modern laminate technology and well worth your serious consideration Laminate benchtops. They are made out of laminate materials such as MDF board, ply or chipboard and can replicate the look of natural materials such as wood grain, granite and even marble. Laminate benchtops are water-resistant, but they are prone to scratching and denting and can be damaged by extreme heat. Also Know, are laminate benchtops. Laminate benchtops are a hard wearing and very cost effective surface in a kitchen. They come in a huge variety of colours and finishes and are impact and scratch resistant. A new gloss range of laminates from Laminex Diamond Gloss to Polytec , Wilsonart and Nevamar look very close to the stone equivalent, at a quarter to a third of the price.

Quartz Stone By Duropal - Laminate Benchtops F7655 CT / F73009 CT. Sizes: 3600×600 x 38mm (Profile on 1 length side) & 3600×900 x 38mm (Profile on 2 length sides) Surface Finish: Crisp Granite Finish. This deep, matt stone structure gives absolute naturalness to classical stone decors Jesse and the team at Sydney Benchtops have done a fantastic job with replacing our old and damaged laminate bench top, with a quality new stone bench! My wife and I couldn't be happier with the service, quality and of course price which even included a B.A (Blokes Advice) discount

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Granite Benchtops. Granite benchtops are durable and easy to maintain, and are hard to beat when it comes to natural beauty and strength in your kitchen. Granite benchtops are available in a wide range of designs 30mm in thickness. Engineered Stone Benchtops. Engineered Stone Benchtops are generally a composite of crushed quartz and resin, and. Giani Granite Paint works great on most benchtop surfaces including Formica, Meltica, Laminate, Timber and Stone. Preparation is key and by carefully reading the instructions or watching the instructional video you'll enjoy turning your kitchen benchtops into your own unique work of art at a fraction of the cost of a new benchtop, so what are. Acrylic benchtops are generally the most expensive option but the cost is far outweighed by the durability and ease of maintenance. All below costs are in Australian dollars. Low - Laminate - $150 - $350 per square meter. Low - Bamboo - $300 - $400 per square meter. Low - Timber - $500 - $1500 per square meter Granite Warehouse is a privately owned Western Australia business specialising in the wholesale of Granite, Marble, Limestone, Sandstone and our line of engineered stone, Stellastone, in slab form for use in the manufacture of Kitchen & Vanity Benchtops as well as other building uses. View Mor

Laminate benchtops, also known as Formica benchtops, are the most economical option on the market. Some laminate looks very similar to stone. Our normal benchtop thickness is 36mm. We use a solid moisture resistant substrate and glue the laminate with a cross-linking PVA glue that is then thermo-set ensuring a lifetime bond Granite Benchtops. Granite is an igneous rock (formed by heat) found deep within the Earth's crust. Once quarried, cut, polished, & sealed granite is nearly impervious to scratches, heat, etching, staining, or weathering. It is truly one of Mother Nature's most versatile and beautiful creations Quartz Benchtops Quartz is one of the most durable kitchen benchtop materials. Another variation of engineered stone, quartz is an affordable price point while bearing a resemblance to granite - it's actually partially made with crushed granite. For quartz, prices can vary depending on the style and colour you choose Our prices for laminate kitchen benchtop begin from $160, and we have an array of approximately 10 colours that you can choose from, and we regularly update our colour range. Examples of natural stone benchtops are marble and granite, whereas, engineered stone benchtops are marketed under various brand names Laminate Benchtops; Laminate Benchtops. Filter & Sort. Filters. Store & Availability. Price Range. Brand. Star Ratings. Sort by. Colour. Clear all. Show results. Showing 36 of 154 results. Grid List. Compare. Special Order. Kaboodle 38 x 900-1300mm Double Edged Blaklava Customisable Benchtop (0) $562. Per 1 Linear Metre. more

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Stainless steel benchtops can be made to customer orders, following the plans of a kitchen designer. Stainless steel benchtop costs. From $1000 per m2. Granite With high-end benchtops, you are always getting something very unique, and with that, they add character and style to the kitchen, confirms Paul Laminate Benchtops Laminate has come a long way in recent years. It might not have the instant appeal or natural beauty of timber or stone, but today's laminates do a good job of mimicking more expensive finishes like reconstituted stone, marble and granite Benchtops The perfect solution for any building application, the Nikpol bench top collection offers a great variety of more than 20 designs available. Sleek profiles and clean lines mirror the look of granite, stone or wood The downside for laminate benchtops is that they are prone to scratching, and you also have to be careful not to place hot pots or pans on them. stone kitchen benchtop Sydney. Timber. Timber kitchen bench tops could be the perfect choice for a rustic styled kitchen. TImber is a natural material, and has durability and is a sturdy material

Kashmir Granite is a warm granite look decor with brown and grey aggregate on a cream base. Natural finish is a low sheen, smooth touch finish that gives a very natural look to benchtops and cabinetry. To order cut sheet sizes for this product please contact our customer service team on 132 136. Laminex Laminate (HPL) uses include Vanities,Splashbacks,Desktops & Tabletops,Benchtops,Wall Panel Other YDL Benchtop Quartz Ranges. Premium | Premium Plus | Deluxe | Ultimate. YDL Premium Range. Gladstones | Granite & Marble. Benchtop Selection. Benchtop Selection Type and colour or a link to the benchtop Name * First Name. Last Name. Email Laminate > Address 40 Porter St. We custom make our Stone & Laminate kitchen benchtops to your needs in Sydney. We offer different thickness and finishes from our kitchen benchtop suppliers, View the latest price lists from leading suppliers like Caesarstone, Quantum Quartz, Smartstone, Silestone, Formica, Laminex, Poly Tec

Now you can get a laminate benchtop to suit any style you're after - woodgrains, marble and granite looks are all achievable with laminate. You can even create a waterfall finish with seamless joins. Laminex and Formica are the leading brands when it comes to laminate. How it fared. In our abrasion test scratch marks were obvious on the. You can choose the benchtop that is ideal for your custom kitchen and budget. Paradise Kitchens has an amazing range of kitchen benchtops online that include granite, quartz and laminate bench tops. No matter what material you choose, you can have a custom made benchtop or ready made benchtop Granite, one of the most costly materials used in benchtops, performed well, getting excellent, or very good, scores in every category Laminate benchtops can be made in continuous runs and. Scratched laminate kitchen countertops occur frequently in homes because of everyday wear and tear. Scooting dishes across the counter, dropping a dish or accidentally cutting off of your cutting board can all cause damage

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Formica® Benchtops & Laminate. Formica® Decorative Laminates feature a modern mix-and-match collection of solids, patterns and woodgrains. The range includes over 130 modern colours to suit a wide variety of benchtop and vertical surfacing applications. Formica® Europa™ laminates deliver international interior style at affordable prices Conversely, laminate benchtops do offer some benefits over their stone counterparts. While quality laminate benchtops are water-resistant, they can be damaged by water seeping into cracks or scratches. In the end, deciding which is the better material for your benchtop really comes down to your budget benchtops, countertops, point of sale units, doors and work surfaces. FORMICA® Metallic Laminate Metallic laminate combines the colour and character of real metals with the practical, flexible properties of laminate. Created as a texture on top of real metal foils, metallic laminates achieve a textile feel, with a crisp touch and low gloss sheen

Home Benchtops Laminate Benchtops. Showing 1-18 of 34 results. Show sidebar. Show 18 36 All Select options. Quick view. Add to wishlist. Close. Arabescato Gloss - Laminate Benchtops $ 165.00 - $ 253.00 incl. GST. Select options. Quick view. Add to wishlist. Close. Bellato Grey By Duropal - Laminate Benchtops. These can be custom made in laminate, acrylic or engineered stone surfaces to meet your specific requirements. Click on the BENCHTOPS tab to see the materials we can use for your situation. There are many examples of our work throughout the region, several on the kitchen trail, which is held annually Laminate benchtops are more affordable than granite or timber, yet offer an array of excellent qualities.In case you're wondering what laminate is, it's an innovative material, created by several layers of paper, which are filled with resin, then pushed together GRANITE & CABINETS: Granite bench tops 'Kuppam Green' colour, sourced from India, solid 20mm thick with rounded 40mm thick edges. The total amount of granite is over 3.5m sq. Photos accurately depict the colour of the granite as white/ cream with black / charcoal / grey and a hint of green in the colouring Formica Benchtops are known for their long-wearing ability and for keeping up with the latest trends in laminate benchtops. FORMICA NATURAL FINISH Prices - Per Linal Meter - Thickness 32mm. 400 - 600mm deep = $142. 601 - 900mm deep = $190. 901 - 1200mm deep = $270. Joints $35 . End strips $25 Currently only Available in Sydney Metr

Laminate Bench Tops Cheaper & Quicker Than Anywhere. Bench Top Fabricators are Adelaide's laminate benchtop manufacturing and benchtop replacement specialists. As a family-owned and operated business, we have been fabricating high-quality laminate benchtops for residential and commercial use for over 30 years 6 of the most popular benchtop materials and why to choose them. From laminate to marble, and engineered quartz, we examine the pros and cons of each of the most popular benchtop materials. A kitchen benchtop is something you're going to be seeing a lot of, so its important to make sure it's one that you'll love Supply and install your new benchtop in Laminate, Engineered Stone, Acrylic or Stainless Steel. We come and do a digital template to ensure a perfect fit of your benchtop. We can do the HOB and sink cutouts, and install the sink. We can supply quality sinks and taps to make the process very easy Granite Transformations specialise in kitchen resurfacing, with marble and granite stone benchtop surfaces that are 6.5mm thick. These environmentally friendly kitchen surfaces are designed to be laid over existing kitchen benches and surfaces, or installed as part of a new kitchen, bathroom, laundry or outdoor kitchen Impress Stone is Kitchen Benchtop Makeover. We OVERLAY our engineered stone over existing laminate benchtops. Modernise your kitchen in some cases as little as ONE day. Affordable, fast and mess free. We are OPEN during these difficult times, we take great care to ensure that our staff and customers are safe. Call us on 08 7226 6363

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Natural Granite benchtops. Granite benchtops are a true statement - ageless, classic & can withstand the test of time in your Premier kitchen, Granite rock is cut in its natural state and is then polished or honed for our kitchen benchtops. Available in 30mm thickness with the option to mitre edges for a thicker benchtop loo Resurfacing your benchtops with our exclusive Flinstone and Poly-Glass products will give them a new lease of life. Choose from our wide range of designer colours in gloss finishes or the look of granite or stone. The clear top coat is hard as laminate and will cost a fraction of a new stone benchtop or stone overlay Laminate Benchtops Laminate benchtops are your least expensive option as you can pay as little as $120 per square meter if you are on a tight budget, to as much as $350 for a more premium surface. A stone benchtops price estimator will allow you to make some quick price comparisons Postformed with a 5mm radius top & bottom is our tight radius/squareform benchtops.Magic Freeform Benchtops Pty Ltd is a certified tight radius/squareform benchtop fabricator.Featuring a seamless square look like granite or stone with the functionally of high pressure laminate

A Complete Benchtop Solution. If we can get you bench top off with no fuss, there is a vast array of products, finishes, colours and textures available for your new bench top. If you would like a new laminate bench top, the choices are endless. You are always welcome to visit or call our showroom to get some advice and see the range of options Quantum Quartz benchtops are one such type of engineered stone benchtops that offer various benefits over natural stone benchtops like granite kitchen benchtops. Quantum quartz benchtops in Melbourne contain over 93% of natural quartz and 7% resin for bonding. Additional pigments and additives are added along with this Wilsonart | Laminate Kitchen Benchtops. Call us on (09) 430 0878. Wilsonart. For over 50 years, Wilsonart have been supplying the residential and commercial markets with high-quality solid surface laminates. Visit Brand Website Care & Maintenance Guide Benchtops. KitchenU provides the highest quality, custom kitchen benchtops for your new kitchen or kitchen renovation. Visit our kitchen showroom to see a range of benchtop materials, colours and finishes. KitchenU supplies and installs new benchtops of every style and for every budget. Updating your kitchen countertops is easy with KitchenU

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Cost of engineered stone kitchen benchtops. From $700 per m2. Granite Granite is the most popular high-end benchtop, Rob reveals. What isn't often appreciated is that granite comes in different grades. A mid-range (C) grade granite can be similar if not a bit cheaper than engineered stone Sep 28, 2016 - Laminated Benchtops consist of a core of HMR (highly moisture resistant) particleboard. We have different profiles for laminate benchtops The application of these products depends on the original stone used. For engineered marbles the most common application is indoor flooring and walls, while the quartz based product is used primarily for kitchen benchtops as an alternative to laminate or granite. How much does Engineered quartz stone benchtops cost WORKS ON granite, marble, travertine, quartz, caesarstone and laminate. Can be used on kitchen countertops, tables, bathroom vanities, floor or wall tiles or any other stone surface. Can be used in wet areas and on vertical surfaces. We repair all types of stone benchtops including granite, marble, porcelain, and all sorts of engineered stones like Caesarstone, Essastone, Quantum Quartz, and QStone just to name a few. Please note that with us, a stone benchtop repair can be quoted and repaired within a few hours, saving you time, effort and cash too Laminate is highly susceptible to expansion, weather, chemicals, spills, scratches and heat. We have all seen laminate benchtops complete with those ugly blistering bubbles - this is a direct result of the laminate taking a hot spill or pan to its surface