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Some cameras were made to accept 620 film only while others were made to accept both 620 and 120. In a few cases, such as the Argus Argoflex, the same camera came in different configurations over time. The early Argus Argoflex E accepted both 620 and 120 film spools but the later Argus Argoflex EF accepted only 620 620 film for argus camera. Discussion in 'Black and White' started by annie_clark, Jan 14, 1999. annie_clark. i've got an argus 75 camera that takes 620 film. i've bought some film, but i'm not sure how to load it. can anyone help or offer ideas on where i could find information on argus cameras. thank

The Argus Seventy-Five produces 6x6 images and takes 620 film. Lens: Argus Lumar 75mm Lens, Made In The USA. Shutter: Instant & Time Exposure. This is an Vintage Argus Seventy-Five camera 1949. This camera is in great condition and fully functional. The lenses and viewfinder have only minor dus Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Argoflex 620 Film Box Camera Vintage Argus 1940's 75mm F4.5 Anastigmat Lens at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products ARGUS E 120, 620, 828 Film. Date: Fri, 29 Aug 1997 11:45:48 -0700 From: Ken Lomax Subject: Argus E TLR as film re-spooler Hello, My grandfather gave me his 1939 model C2 in 1967 and I've had a soft spot for Argus ever since. Some folks may already know this... but the Model E TLR is one of the few cameras that takes both 120 & 620 rollfilm..

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The Argoflex Seventy-Five takes 620 film, but I have successfully been able to use 120 film in mine. Please refer to my video down below for how I did this. I basically just trimmed the rim around the two ends of the 120 spool and it fit fine. In my last blog about the Ilford Ortho Plus 80 film, I talked about my day in Tradition, FL. That same. Verichrome film is ortho and can be developed under redlight safeight. Later Verichrome PAN came out in the mid 1950's and this requires TOTAL darkness to develop. Sone folks do a quick few seconds ONLY peek using a super dark green Kodak safelight. A super old roll of 620 or 120 can have a set in the film and be super hard to load on a. roll of film to photograph their new son with their 620 camera. In any case, 620 was a film of choice for the masses by Kodak and Argus had to follow their lead. Kodak's 620 plastic bodies cameras are around in force today at flea markets. The earliest EMs used, as Dan said, the f3.5 viewing lens of the Argoflex II

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  1. The Argus 75 line of cameras are sturdy, reliable and my favorite camera for TtV. This is an early version of the Argus 75 made from 1949-1958. This particular one is kind of a Jekyl and Hyde camera. On the one hand, the face plate is in good condition. It has a few scratches and on
  2. The Argus 75 is a fun little bakelite wonder from Ann Arbor-based Argus. Produced from about 1949-1964, the camera takes 620 film. It has a shutter-cocking feature that prevents double exposures -- which was useful if you were one of those families that had at least two Christmases, Halloweens, or whatever on one roll of film (12 exposures)
  3. Seal the end of the film protective paper, using the gummed tape attached to it, and develop or have the film developed as soon as possible. This will insure better negatives. Keep the camera loaded with film so you will be ready for any picture opportunity. ARGOFLEX USES ROLL FILM SIZE 620 (THERE ARE WAYS TO MAKE 120 ROLLS WORK IN 620 CAMERAS
  4. Argus Twin Lens Reflex Cameras. Model: Argoflex E. Production Years: 1940-1948. Description: 75mm F4.5. Original, Art Deco plastic bodied TLR produced in two versions. Early version accepted 120 & 620 film, the latter (after mid-1946) marked 620 only. Later version depicted above. Model: Argoflex II
  5. A 620 spool is both narrower and has a slightly smaller diameter than a 120 spool. On other 620 cameras such as the Kodak Medalist, you need to either modify or re-spool 120 film onto a 620 spool. Thankfully, the Argus Seventy-Five isn't as picky. You can fit a normal 120 film spool on the supply (bottom) side of the camera, but you will.
  6. Want to know if all those old Kodak Brownie cameras can still be used? Find out how 620 Film works and what to do if you want to shoot it today.- - - For New..

A rare and beauty camera, if you want to use it just re-spooling a 620 spool with 120 film.You will see how to use this camera, how to select shutter speed,. The Argus Argoflex E is a medium format TLR camera built in the 1940's. TLR stands for Twin Lens Reflex. TLR film cameras have two lenses, one on top of the other. The top lens is the viewing lens, which is what you look through when you look through the viewfinder, and the bottom lens is the taking lens. The taking lens has the shutter and. Argoflex E (prewar) (1940-1942) 6×6 TLR camera for 120 and 620 film. Body made of plastic. Production resumed after the war. Argus PA Slide Projector (1940s) Unlike earlier slide projectors made by other companies and sold under the Argus brand name, the Argus PA Slide Projector was the first made by Argus in Ann Arbour

Vintage Argus Argoflex Forty 40 620 Film TLR Camera 75mm F4.5 Lens w/ Flash Gun. $49.99. $13.50 shipping. Argus Argoflex Model E Vintage Camera ORIGINAL BOX AND MANUAL. $65.00. 0 bids. $15.20 shipping. Ending Jul 4 at 1:12PM PDT 2d 21h. ARGUS Argoflex E Vintage Snapshot Film Camera Anastigmat 75mm 4.5 Twin Lens USA Kodak went a step further and printed This camera Does Not Take 120 Film. Note that not only Kodak made 620 cameras, other such as Ansco, Argus, Photax, Phillips and the George Herbert of Chicago company made many models. Using 620 Cameras Always give your camera a pre-shoot checkup. Clean your lenses, both exterior and, if possible, the. ARGUS ARGOFLEX EF - 1948-51. The EF was a Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) made by Argus from 1948 through 1951. It took 620 roll film and had an aperture range of f4.5 to f18 with a 75mm lens. The body was metal and it had flash sync. Shutter 1/10 - 1/200 second, time and bulb argus 75, with argus flash unit, uses 620 film/174024 $35 argus 75, with argus flash unit, uses 620 film, includes empty spool and strap, working, flash untested, flash reflector bent, otherwise looks ex. estimated shipping weight: 2 lb

The Argoflex Seventy-Five and Argus Seventy-Five were two name variants of the same model of pseudo TLR, produced by Argus in the USA, beginning in 1949.. The main body was molded from plastic (perhaps bakelite), while the film door is a painted metal casting.The front panel and viewfinder hood are in a contrasting satin-finish metal. A cloth neckstrap is permanently attached to the top of the. I have two Argus cameras, both picked up for around $5 US at garage sales; a C-3 brick, which I have yet to expose a roll, and an Argus 40 TLR, which I adore using and really want to use more. The 40 requires re-spooling 120 film onto 620 spools (finding extra 620 spools (real ones) can be a little frustrating), which is really quite easy.

After Argus shelved the Argoflex II and replaced it with the Argoflex EM (1948) and EF (1948-1951), these metal-bodied cameras took only 620 film, and 120 film spools cannot be used in them. The later Argoflexes do not have coupled taking and viewing lenses, and except for the Argus Super 75 and the Argus 40, do not have adjustments except for. i've got an argus 75 camera that takes 620 film. i've bought some film, but i'm not sure how to load it. can anyone help or offer ideas on where i could find information on argus cameras. thanks -- Annie Clark (aclark@sas.upenn.edu), January 14, 1999 Answers Is the film you bought 120 or 620 film See Instruction Manual here:- Argus Seventy-five manual. This camera takes 620 film which is still available from selected photographic outlets. Although the actual film is the same as 120 film, the spools are different. The 620 spools are slightly shorter and have a smaller diameter. Do not use 120 film in this camera because it will jam and. The 620 format was introduced by Kodak in 1931 as an intended alternative to 120. Although mostly used by Kodak cameras, it is also used by other camera of that era. The 620 format is essentially the same film on a thinner and narrower spool. 620 is no longer manufactured so we have manufactured our own mold-injected Film; 620 roll, but will take trimmed 120 rolls with a 620 take-up spool. Has a picture area of 56mm x 56mm. The 6×6 picture area is 3.6x larger than 135 film. Flash; uses Argus 76 flash. Power; none. Accessories for this model; leather eveready case ($4.95), 76 flash unit ($4.25),.

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The Brownie Hawkeye models used 620 film which is now hard to find. In order to operate such cameras some users place 120 film onto 620 spools. MSRP $5.50. Argus has sold many hundreds of thousands of cameras over the years thus it is not uncommon to find any one of their various models in usable and collectible condition. If you have a. Celebrate your vintage Six-20 (or 620, if you will) camera by shooting with it.. Then post your pics here. Use your Kodak folder or TLR, Kodak Brownie, Savoy, Imperial, Ansco, Argus, or whatever you've got, so long as it was originally designed to shoot 620 film. This is a public group. Join us, participate in the discussions, and tell us about your Six-20 cameras Any popular 620-size roll film may be used in your Argus 75_ Perutz 620 Kodak Verichrome, and similar bla~k-and-white films will give you excellent black -and -white snap­ shots_ Beautiful natural color pictures can be made with Kodak Ektachrome or Anscochrome, 32 ASA film. Any color film which lias a similar speed ratiug will give a good.

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Uses 42mm Pentax/Praktica lens mount. Top flash sync speed is 1/125 sec. CR1 designation was decal on some cameras and engraved on others. Sold for $279.95. Also sold as Chinon CM and GAF l-CM. I think all the other details may be seen on the camera. Ask if you need any more info. Mickey. Mickey Both the Argoflex Seventy-Five and Argus Seventy-Five use 620 film not 120 (120 and 620 film is exactly the same size). He have Porta 160 in 620 size, please use this B&H code in our search box: B&H # KOP160620. The cameras make square 6x6 images and will yield 12 frames on a single roll.Here is our complete selection of 620 films: http. The Argus A was designed with the bare essentials in. Welcome to the FPP! A Resource for Film Shooters Worldwide 4x5 film 8mm Film 16mm 35mm 35mm film 110 film 120 120 film 620 film 2012 FPP & Sharp Photo 8x10 Print Exchange Analog Photography B&W Black and White Camera Giveaway Color darkroom Double 8 Duane Polcou film Film Photography. Argus Argoflex Seventy-Five. This article is a stub. You can help Camerapedia.org by expanding it. The Argoflex Seventy-Five and Argus Seventy-Five were Bakelite /plastic pseudo TLR made by Argus in the USA, with variations, between 1949-1964. Images were 6x6cm on 620 film The Seventy-five uses 620 film (which is the same as modern 120 but on a different spool) and can be used today, but the the lens is uncoated. Minimum focus is 7.5 feet. Posted in Uncategorized | Tagged 1940s cameras , 620 roll film , antique camera , Argus | Leave a repl

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Argus went the other way. This particular Argus was built in 1954. Many of these have a date stamped inside. This camera takes 620 film, but it's easy to re-roll from 120. I rolled up some Agfa APX 400 and headed out for an hour to see what I could find. After the shootin' I developed the film in PC-TEA for 9 minutes and printed 'em up on Agfa. Vintage Argus Argo Flex 75 620 TLR Film Camera In Leather Case. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail

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The upgrade made a difference in the Patsy Cline photo. Many photos taken by country music fans during the early 1960s were taken on black-and-white film. However, Keith's Argus Argoflex 75 accommodated 620 roll color film. That film, when used with a flash attachment for interior photos - like the Cline photo - produced superior results Produced 1938-56 Argus Cameras, Inc., Ann Arbor, MI USA Film type 135 (35mm) Picture size 24 x 36mm Weight 26.8oz (759.8g) Lens Argus Coated Cintar 50mm 1:3.5 (3 element) Focal range 3′ to infinity Shutter leaf Shutter speeds B, 1/10-1/300 Viewfinder coupled rangefinder Exposure Read More.

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The Argus Collectors Group is conducting a survey to identify the attributes of the Argus Twin-lens Reflex cameras. The purpose of the survey is to document changes in features of the camera family over their production life. Is there a label in the film TAKEUP chamber saying 'Use 620 Film'? 'Use 620 Film Patents Pending' 'Reload Only With. Dec 22, 2015 - Explore Gerry's board Argus Argoflex, followed by 167 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about twin lens reflex camera, vintage cameras, camera Argus cameras and accessories are fun to collect, and don't cost a lot. After selling a couple of the other items that came in this box lot, I got the Brownie and this C-3 for free !! It doesn't get any cheaper than that ;D. Doug. Last Edit: Nov 20, 2012 at 2:35pm by Doug T. mickeyobe. Lifetime Member Kodak Duaflex II. Kodak Duaflex II. The Duaflex line of Kodak cameras was introduced in 1947 for the modest price of $17.25, which in 2010 equates to $166. This Duaflex is the model II, which didn't hit the market until 1950. The Duaflex II is an aluminum bodied twin-lens-reflex 620 film camera, and although this version features an.

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  1. St. Louis Argus Newspaper (1915-1926) This collection contains digitized and enhanced issues of the St. Louis Argus scanned from micro-film for the years 1915-1926. The St. Louis Argus, while not technically the 'first' black newspaper in St. Louis, became the most recognizable name in the black journalism locally for much of the 20th century
  2. It was sold by Argus, from Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. The shutter speed is fixed, 1/50ish, two apertures COL11 and 16B&W. The viewfinder is of the reversed Galilean type, big and bright. The lens is an Argus Lumar. It takes 12 4x4 cm exposures in a roll of 127 film. The film plane is concave
  3. Sold Out. Kodak Brownie Junior Six-20 Box Camera w/ Spool & 35mm Adapter, 620 Film. $89.95. Kodak Brownie Target Six-20 Box Camera w/ Spool & 35mm Adapter, 620 Film. $84.95. Argus Seventy-Five & Lumar 75mm Lens w/ Strap, 6x6 on 620 Film. $64.95

Shop high-quality unique Argus T-Shirts designed and sold by artists. Available in a range of colours and styles for men, women, and everyone. analog photography, photog, black, white, box camera, 620 film, roll film camera, metal camera. Argus C3 The Brick Vintage Camera Classic T-Shirt. On-line camera manual library. If you find this manual useful, how about a donation of $3 to: M. Butkus, 29 Lake Ave., High Bridge, NJ 08829-1701. and send your e-mail address so I can thank you. Most other places would charge you $7.50 for a electronic copy. or $18.00 for a hard to read Xerox copy. This will help me to continue to host this. It used 620 B/W negative film and one made contact prints from the negatives. It is undoubtedly what he cut his photography teeth on. After my twin brother and I were born, dad bought one of the marvels of 35mm photography in 1953, the famous and ubiquitous Argus C3 Bakelite brick

Medium Format. 4x5 Cameras. (a Zen thing) (boards also) Studio Lighting. Barrel Optics. (& Low Cost Optics in Shutter) 2x3 / 4x5 / 8x10 & Misc. Accessories. Twin Lens Cameras The Land of God [Contax G1, 40mm f/2.0, Tri-X 400] Critique Wanted. 2.0k. 35 comments. Continue browsing in r/analog. r/analog. Film photography subreddit. Ask anything about analog photography, share photos, discuss techniques, gear or famous photographers. 1.4m I don't have one, and was more just going to experiment with a few rolls of film, because 620 just seems to be the easiest (cheapest) way to start with medium format. I did manage to fix one of the rolls of black and white into the Argus 75, but that roll did seem thinner as well

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  1. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Argus sevenity-five camera uses 620 film at the best online prices at eBay! Free delivery for many products
  2. Buy fresh 620 roll film from B&H Photo in New York. It's a bit expensive because they hand spool 120 film on to 620 rolls. The size of the film is the same, the spools are different. Alternatively, you can buy 620 spools and hand roll 120 on to the 620. It's easy once you get the hang of it. Plan on screwing up the first five you do, though. If.
  3. d that most of what we sell is either used or vintage equipment
  4. The camera uses the discontinued (in 1995) 620 medium format film (hence its name Six-20) instead of the 120 which is still commonly available today in professional camera stores and photo-labs. Photo above shows a 620 reel (left) and a 120 reel (right). Although the reels are different, the films themselves have the same dimensions
  5. Where can one find film for old cameras, and i do mean 620, 127 and 126 film? How can one use a Baby Rolleyflex? 0. 0. Follow @Fstoppers on twitter. Support Fstoppers. Trending Articles
  6. Once the film is on the 120 spool as though it had just been shot, work it back onto the empty 620 spool. When you come to the point where the film starts, pull the paper backing tight (on the 620 spool) and begin spooling film and backing onto the 620 spool. Once again try to keep the paper and film in proper register as you go
  7. It used the now-discontinued 620 film. 620 film just so happens to be the exact same size as modern-day 120 film, just on a thinner spool. So I picked up some old 620 film spools off eBay for $15, re-spooled a roll of 120 Ilford Delta black and white film onto a 620 spool and boom, I had myself a fully-operational Argus 40 ready for shooting

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Serial number: None -- some cameras date stamped inside in the bay where the film goes, in format YYMM, where YY is year and MM is month. Others have full date like November 10 1960. Survey results indicate the logo on the top of the front plate of the similar Argoflex 40 changed from Argoflex to Argus around 1953 Film Size: 620 Picture Size: 6x6cm: Marketed: 1958 to 1964: Lens Mount: Fixed: Lens: Argus Lumar 75m The C3 is a 35mm film camera made of bakelite plastic and cast metal. Interchangeable lenses sit in front of an in-body diaphragm shutter that's incredibly simple, reliable, and capable of ten, seven, or five shutter speeds (dependent on production year), as well as Bulb mode. There's a frame counter, threaded shutter release, film speed. 620 film roll. The Kodak Vigilant Junior is a folding camera made by Kodak between 1940 and 1948. It created 6x9cm (2-¼x3-½) images on 620 film. It was not compatible with 120 film. There is a mechanical eye-level view finder and an optical waist-level viewfinder, The optical viewfinder can be rotated for portrait of landscape orientations #00 Film 16mm 17.5mm 35mm 120 film 127 film Agfa Ann Arbor Ansco Apparat & Kamerabau Argus Argus A Arsenal Black Bolsey Box Camera C41 Canon Clarus Compur Contaflex Covid-19 Ensign Exposure Meter Fail Ferrania P30 film only Folder Found Film Fujica Futura Germany Graflex half frame Home developing ICA Interchangeable Lenses Jupiter 8 Kiev Kodak.

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  1. Meghan suffered a similar Argus day failexcept the opposite problem of poor exposure! She tested out her new Argus 75 with a (very) old roll of Kodak 620 film and the results were very under exposed. It may be a combination of both camera malfunction and older film, but sadly the results were less than stellar, but do have a fun rainbowy effect
  2. The Anscoflex II took Ansco 620 film back in its day. Today, it will take 120 film if it is respooled. It takes 12 6cmx6cm photos. Multiple exposures are not possible since the shutter will not press again until the film is advanced. The front cover of the camera lifts up to act as light shields for the extra large viewfinder on the top
  3. I clicked on the funny sounding name, only to find an incarnation of the Dover 620! Frantically grabbing for my McKeown's, I learned that the Speed-O-Matic was born in 1948. An instant picture camera with meniscus lens, single speed shutter, extinction meter. Takes 12 photos 2″x3″ on direct positive paper in film pack
  4. Argus C3 with 50mm Cintar Lens Vintage 1960s $47.45. The Argus C3 was a rangefinder camera produced from 1939 to 1966 by Argus in Ann. Arbor, Michigan, USA. The camera was the best-selling 35mm camera in the world for. nearly 30 years and popularized the 35mm format
  5. Most rolls are useless. Victims of treasure hunting yard sale vultures that open the cameras to see what's inside. When I get a roll with images on it, the shots are early on the roll. They are priceless lost remnants of unknown people, from a forgotten time. Handling the camera and the film that connects to these lost people, connects me to my.
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  1. Imperial 620. The Imperial 620 box camera. The Imperial Six-Twenty Snap Shot camera was made in the USA. It's completely plastic, right down to it's cute little plastic handle. It's 2 3/4″ wide 3 1/8″ deep and 3 3/8″ tall (not including the viewfinder). There are absolutely no settings to have to fiddle with on this camera
  2. Newer 120 film works but you need to respool it on to a 620 spool. Argus 75 The Argus 75 was made by Argoflex in the Eastern USA between 1958-1964 is a Twin Lens Reflex Like camera with a 75mm lens, basically a box camera with a larger viewfinder mounted on the top
  3. Original price: Hawkeye $5.50 Flash $7.00. Description: The much loved Brownie Hawkeye cameras have a moulded bakelite body and use a brilliant viewfinder. May 1949-Nov 1951: This is the Brownie Hawkeye non-synchronised non-flash model. Sept 1950-July 1961: This is the Brownie Hawkeye Flash Model which is capable of accepting a wide range of.
  4. Josh was recently featured on a local ABC10 news segment because he bought an Argus C3 (aka The Brick) camera from a Goodwill Thrift Shop in Folsom, a Central California town. When cleaning the camera, he was surprised to find it loaded with a half exposed roll of Tri-X Pan film. Curious about the contents, Josh sent the film to The.

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An Argus Super Seventy-Five just arrived at my doorstep, seems to be in OK shape, after figuring out the film chamber stiff release button! From the.. Film Cameras · Garden City, NY. . Leather Case Works!. Shipped with USPS Parcel Select Ground. FAST + FREE SHIPPING! Tools. neptunephoto ·6 hours ago on eBay. $29.99 Argus 260 Automatic!! Instantload 126 camera with bulb flash The Argus not only had acceptable-quality images of a family gathering, the first shot on the roll of 620 -format Kodak Verichrome Safety Film showed a group of 1950s Detroit cars parked in front. Here are the Art Deco and other decorative cameras in my collection with date of introduction and film type. Search the collection here:- Search View the image gallery for all the cameras here:- Camera Gallery See photographs produced by some of these cameras here:- Photo Gallery I use a star system to rate cameras against their Art Deco credentials 127 Film Argus Autofocus Balda Braun Bronica Canon Cosina GAF Half Frame Kodak Lens M42 Medium Format Minolta Minotla Nikon Olympus Pentax Point and Shoot Polaroid Prime Lens Rangefinder Ricoh Sea & Sea SLR Underwater Voigtlander Yashica Zeiss. Argus Seventy-Five & Lumar 75mm Lens w/ Strap, 6x6 on 620 Film. $64.9

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Kodak's Professional Tri-X 400 Black and White Negative Film is a classic high-speed panchromatic film designed for a wide array of shooting conditions. Characterized by its fine grain quality, notable edge sharpness, and high resolving power, Tri-X 400 also exhibits a wide exposure latitude with consistent tonality Kodak Brownie Flash Six-20 The Brownie Flash Six-20 is an American box camera produced from 1946 to 1955 in Rochester, NY. It takes 8, 2 1/4 x 3 1/4in. pictures on one roll of No. 620 film. It is identical to (save for the name) the Six-20 Flash Brownie produced from 1940 to 1946. A clumsy person's dream, the entire Brownie Flash Six-20 is made.

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A test shot of a used argus 75 that I got at an antique mall back in 2017. It needs to be cleaned up and I need to find a flash bulb and some film for it. Just so you know this takes 620 film but you can order 120 film as 620 film is no longer being produced Last year, I bought a cheap Bakelite 1950s film camera on eBay— an Argus Argoflex Seventy-Five, in fact— that turned out to have a roll of 1956-or-earlier Kodak Verichrome Safety Film inside.I. It's also known as the Argoflex 75. Although this has a second lens, like a TLR, it is technically still just a box camera. See here for clarification. It only has two shutter speeds (instant/time) and you can't control the aperture or focus. Also, the 75 is supposed to take 620 film, but it is very easy to load it with 120 without having to. The Argus Seventy-Five is not a true Twin Lens Reflex camera, but more of a box camera with a TLR view finder. It takes 620 film but I like it's small, light-weight body that often comes with the 620 cameras. If you have a 620 camera you can often trim a 120 roll to fit it, or if you have a couple 620 spools you can also re-roll 120 onto them. The bakelite camera had a pair of 3-element Argus Varex 75mm f4.5 lenses and a Wollensak shutter. Most versions of the camera are able to use either 620 or 120 film, thanks to a stepped wind key—despite being labeled Use 620 only inside. A few very late models lack this feature

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Argus is an American maker of cameras and photographic products, founded in 1936 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Argus originated as a subsidiary of the International Radio Corporation (IRC), founded by Charles Verschoor. Its best-known product was the C3 rangefinder camera, which enjoyed a 27-year production run and became one of the top-selling. Here we have a Canon EOS 620 35mm film SLR camera. If you're already shooting a Canon DSLR and want a film body to shoot film, this is a perfect fit as it will work with your current EF lenses. The camera is in excellent condition, is fully functional, and is ready to produce another lifetime o On the Argus 75 the taking lens is a fixed focus, two-element, Argus-made Lomar 75mm, while the viewing lens is even more basic. This single element, meniscus lens is mounted in front of a large mirror that reflects the image up to a large, bright, glass viewfinder. Argus produced several cameras of this type using the Seventy-Five.

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The Argus Seventy-five has a twin lens reflex design with a fixed-focus lens and everything between 6 feet and infinity will be sharp. For close up shots Argus manufactured lenses that could be fitted. The Argus Seventy-five produces 6x6 images and takes 620 film no longer available. Respooling a role of 120 film to fit the camera isn't hard The Argus Museum.jpg 765 × 579;71キロバイト. Trio Of Vintage Argus C-3 Rangefinder Film Cameras, 50mm F3.5 Lens, Flash Sync Attachment Holes On Side Of The Camera, Known As The Brick, Made In USA From 1939 - 1957 (35997552122).jpg. Vintage Argus Argoflex Seventy-Five Camera, Uses 620 Film, Made In USA, Circa 1950s (35697259422).jpg. Takes 620 spool film and the uptake spool is still present -- I imagine you could adapt this to use 120 film. The overall condition is good with some dirt, but needs a good cleaning. This box camera was manufactured by the Company of Chicago sometime between 1950 and 1960s. Takes 620 spool film and the uptake spool is still present -- I imagine. Just in time for Argus Day 2017, Meghan has acquired a new Argus 75. Unlike her previous black Argus Seventy-Five 1949-1958, this one is a later version manufactured from 1958-1964 and it has a lustrous brown finish. Like last year Meghan will have to alter some 120 film to fit it in her Argus 75 as it was intended for 620 film 8-jun-2014 - Bekijk het bord Argus van Jo Gottgens op Pinterest. Bekijk meer ideeën over fotografie, fotografie bedrijf, oude camera's