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  3. How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car to Nigeria? The price to ship a car to Nigeria ranges from $970 to $1650 for sedans an regular sized SUVs. Cars/Vans/Pickups older than 15 years cannot enter. While we can pick up your car in the US and take it to the shipping port, you can save money by taking it yourself
  4. How much does it cost to ship a car Lagos, Nigeria?. To get our best RORO or Container shipping rate, you need to fill out the quote request form or call us Toll-Free: (877) 410-3554.We are specialized in West Africa shipping to offer one of the best shipping rates in the industry
  5. Typical Shipping Prices - How Much Does It Cost? Nigeria is one of the more expensive countries to ship a car to from the U.S., generally in the $3,000 to $7,000 range. Part of the reason it's more expensive than other destinations is the shipping distance and the limited availability of routes and accessible ports in the area
  6. Cars can be shipped overseas in a container or via Roll-on/Roll off. Container shipping from New Jersey is around $1,100 and it takes around 40 days for the container to arrive in Nigeria. Shipping from California is $1,400 and transit time is 50 days. Get current rates for car shipping in a container by using our calculator on this page

Example Costs of Buying a Car from the USA, Importing to Nigeria. Other Factors. For local clearing, it is best to contact a customs licensed clearing agent as an individual cannot clear a vehicle by him or herself Get my free quote now. Or Call Us: 1-800-452-2880. Nigeria, (NG) How Much Does It Cost to Ship My Car to Nigeria? The easiest way to ship a car to Nigeria is through a reputable overseas transport company. Auto transport to the country must be addressed cautiously or Customs may refuse to allow the vehicle to be sent over. It is your. Cost of Shipping a Car From USA to Nigeria - final price estimator. Buy used cars from USA! Price Calculator Shipping Process Need help? +234 904 022 0222 Email Facebook. Here, your cars are packed into a 40 ft. container. This normally holds a maximum of 4 cars. It also saves you cost on the cost you'd have to pay per car. Arrival Time After USA to Nigeria Shipping. Arrival time is an important factor to consider when shipping cars from the USA to Nigeria Shipping from USA to Nigeria: Cost & Steps (2021) Shipping 11 Comments Thousands of Nigerian businessmen and individuals often ship items from the US to Nigeria and one of most commonly asked question is how to go about the process of shipping from USA to Nigeria

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Shipping to Nigeria from the United States will become an easy process when you use a reliable company, like US General Shipping. Our air freight rate is very competitive and we can ship any type of cargo by air to Nigeria. Cost of shipping by Air to Nigeria - Less than 250 lbs: $1095 from door to Airport-250lbs to 500lbs : $3.85/lb To give you an idea of the total cost that you will incur in using the Shipping services of auctionexport.com in shipping your car from USA to Nigeria, here is an approximate cost calculation for shipping from New York to Lagos, Nigeria: Container Shipping for 1 car $1,375. RO-RO Cost: $1,075 3 Top Shipping Agents: 1. AES Shipping: AES is an industry leader in transporting cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats and machineries. They have a long standing experience in transportation of goods to Africa with Nigeria in particular. Their office is located at 187 Mill Lane, Suite 103, Mountainside, New Jersey 07092 By Mail: Ship Overseas, Inc. 6215 Ferris Square, Suite 150 San Diego, CA 92121 By Telephone: Toll Free: (888) 805-4994 USA Tel: (858) 547-0840 Office Hours: Mon-Fri 7AM-4:30PM PS Shipping from Nigeria to USA: Cost & Steps (2021) Currently, there are over 300,000 Nigerians living in the U.S and this has made the country a target for many forward thinking Nigerian businessmen as it is a way to generate foreign exchange. Also, there are items in Nigeria that are highly sought after in the U.S

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  1. January 16, 2014. Car Shipping Cost to Nigeria. Grimaldi Shipping lines $950 RORO. Sallaum Shipping lines: $890 RORO. 40ft Container: $4200. Please note: this price does not include ground transportation which is required for delivery to the port. Please click the contact page for a quote on ground transportation
  2. Container shipping rates from USA to Nigeria. How much does it cost to ship a container from USA to Nigeria, the average price to ship a container from the United States to Nigeria is from $4000 to $6000 US Dollars.These are examples of the cheapest rates for 20 foot and 40 foot containers (FCL-Full container load), loading containers with cars, personal effects, boats, boxes, and heavy.
  3. Nobody understands shipping to Nigeria as we do. Our firm isdedicated to giving you excellent service at a fraction of the competitions cost.We offer the best rates for shipping boxes to Nigeria.If you are in need of sending a cheap parcel to Nigeria,we can help you to find the cheapest shipping to Nigeria
  4. Car shipping costs to Lagos. Car shipping costs to Lagos start at £525.00 for a saloon car such as a Toyota Avensis or a VW Golf. Our 4 x 4 rates for a standard size SUV such as a Toyota RAV 4 or a Mercedes ML to Lagos costs £795.00. The costs to ship either a van or a truck will depend on the overall dimensions of each vehicle
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RoRo Shipping to Nigeria. RoRo has become one of the most common methods used for shipping vehicles from USA to Nigeria. Most people require to ship just one car so they use the RoRo shipment. Both new as well as used vehicles can be shipped. The vehicles to be sent to Nigeria by RoRo will be picked up from any area The Shipping cost to send your vehicle internationally can cost from $950 (Roll on Roll off service) - $2500 (Container shipping service) for standard maritime ocean transport, or from $10,000 - $30,000 (Air Cargo) US dollars for air transport. While the final cost of shipping a car overseas is based upon many factors, a few key. The cost of shipping 1 lb parcel from the USA to Nigeria can be as low as $4.5 per lb, inclusive of clearing and forwarding costs. Order online from USA and get your products shipped to Nigeria. Use valuehandlers shipping process for low cost delivery of your orders. Call +2348032241768 now

DURATION: the ship takes about 2-3 weeks to arrive in Lagos (unless the ship will stop in the other ports) from the moment it takes off from the USA port.. TRANSIT TIME: Once the ship drops off your car at the destination port in Nigeria, the estimated time of transit usually takes about 1 - 3 months.. You should keep in mind that when the ship gets to port in Lagos, the process does not end. Shipping to Nigeria (Tin Can Island or Apapa, Lagos) Home Shipping to Nigeria (Tin Can Island or Apapa, Lagos) Prices for shipping to Tin Can Island or Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria Vehicle TypeRO/RO Prices / CostContainer prices /CostsSaloon Vehicle e.g VW Passat£540£1300 (20ft cont)4×4 and Vans e.g. 13 -25 CBM£815£1300 (20ft cont)Vans e.g 25 - 30 CBM£1165£1300 (20ft cont)2 [

SUV: $1450.00. Our rates for Shipping 4 Cars loaded in the 40 Footer containers to Lagos : Newark, NJ: $3450.00. Miami, Fl :$3550.00. Houston, TX: $3650.00. Long Beach, CA: $4350.00. Please contact us for any inquiries for shipping to Lagos and one of our representative will quote you accordingly. Shipping by Air to Lagos: We also offer Air. CAR SHIPPING TO NIGERIA AND OTHER AFRICAN COUNTRIES Cargonaija has an excellent track record in the area of providing car and vehicle shipping to Nigeria and other African countries from the UK. We also provide car shipping services from USA , CANADA, and DUBAI to Nigeria. Whether you prefer the Roll on, Roll-off method or [ What is the current cost of shipping cars from Canada and USA to Nigeria? The prices should be relatively the same. Include different prices from different shipping companies in your answers. We need this answer as urgent as possible. Thank you guys in advance for your wonderful answers The ship takes approximately 18-21 days to arrive at Tin Can Island once sails from the USA. What steamship lines call Nigeria? We offer RORO through Sallaum Lines & Grimaldi Lines. Please contact our office to find your closest accepting port. Car shipping to Tin Can Island, Nigeria from the USA. Updated: Apr 9, 2020

For instance, you can ship four cars from Houston to Nigeria in 40 footers for a rate of $3,495. Air freights or shipments are charged by weight. Air freights or shipments are charged by weight. Shipment costs from Houston to Nigeria will likely be affected by customs duties The typical cost to ship a car can range from $900 to over $2,000 per car, depending on the overseas destination. Overseas destination charges for cars range around $500 to $800 per car and are not included in the shipping cost. Shipping insurance is always optional - learn more Shipping cars from USA? Get INSTANT ocean freight price quote in our website 24/7. International shipping Cars, LCL, FCL, RO-RO. U.S. Freight Forwarder and NVOCC. Export from USA and Import to USA RORO & Container shipping from the USA to ports in West Africa. We offer one of the best car shipping rates in the States, from the USA to West Africa. We can ship your car quickly and without the shipping hassle; we specialize in West Africa shipping. Contact us for a FREE QUOTE or learn more

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  1. Prices for Car shipping to Nigeria are always subject to change depending on the time of the year. It always best to ask for a quote in hopes that maybe you can be offered a better deal. As of February 1,2014. Cheap Car shipping to Nigeria with Vessel-Shipping: Grimaldi Shipping lines to Nigeria: $950 RO RO
  2. It depends on the method of shipping you choose. There are two ways to ship a car from Canada to Nigeria: by air and by ship. The time it takes to ship the vehicle depends on the method you choose. For example, shipping by air generally takes one to three days; by sea, 14 to 19 days
  3. The cost to ship your car internationally is based on three main factors: 1) Location of vehicle 2) Size/Dimensions 3) Final destination requirements. As an example, it might cost $1000 to ship a car to Europe in a shared container from the east coast, but shipping a car overseas in its own 20 foot container can cost twice that amount
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The automobile market in developed parts of the world offers a wider variety of options when it comes to cars, prices, processes, durability, offerings, and much more. Nigeria at the moment has not peaked to the point where other countries would want to buy used cars from here in Nigeria, and ship them internationally. This is why car dealers, owners, prefer buying cars from outside the. 20' Container. 40' Container (3 cars) 40' Container (4 cars) Consolidation. For ocean shipping to this destination, kindly refer to our Shipping Department - shipping@auctionexport.com. Ocean Cost: Request. * All shipping prices are estimates. Please beware that all vehicles going by RORO must be run and drive and not have extensive damage Things To Know When Shipping To Nigeria. When shipping a package internationally from United States, your shipment may be subject to a custom duty and import tax. Every country is different, and to ship to Nigeria, you need to be aware of the following Easiest ways to ship cars into Nigeria from usahttp://www.carimportspecialist.com.ngThis is an expernaire products on how to cut cost car importation bluepri.. Ro/Ro shipping is the most affordable and popular method of overseas car shipping to West Africa while air shipping is the most expensive way to send your car to Africa. Low-cost inexpensive direct roll-on/roll-off (ro/ro) international car shipping service from the United States is available to the following West African countries: Dakar.

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Shipping from USA offers car transport services from USA to all ports and countries overseas via roll-on roll-off and containers. No vehicle is too large or too small. Excellent rates for Ro/Ro car shipments and for multiple cars via full container service. No matter if you buy your car from eBay, dealership or insurance auction - we can pick. Visit Nigeria Customs website to learn more about the laws and regulation of importing cars into Nigeria. FAST SEARCH - Over 125,000 Vehicles in inventory Check out the most popular vehicle brands in Nigeria Freight Type. $ USA Dollars. Lagos to Door. $9/kg (10kg minimum weight) Volumetric Weighting applies on certain shipments. To check your volume weight ratio, calculate the volume of your parcel (Lenght x Width x Height) and divide by 6000. The higher between dead weight and volume weight is used to calculate your freight cost Awoof Car Auction is the leading company that provides car shipping services in Nigeria, offering car dispatch orders from the USA. Call us at +234 802 385 1599 Mon - Sat 8.00 - 18.0 The shipping cost is very reasonable, and it takes about 6 to 8 weeks. This service is mostly for equipment such as cars, caterpillars, tractors, cranes, heavy trucks, and other heavy-duty construction equipment. How much does it cost to ship from Nigeria to USA? I know a lot of us have been asking this question

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Looking to buy and export your vehicle to Lagos or Onne, NIGERIA? You are in right place! We can help you to buy any vehicles from the USA and ship it to NIG.. Parcel Delivery Quote. Log in and select a UPS account to receive the most accurate rate and delivery time information. Package. Freight. Print. Find Locations. Please provide information about your shipment including destination, origin, shipment date, and weight. Required fields are indicated with Car shipping cost to Port Durban (South Africa) is US$70.00 per cubic metre. This means that car shipping cost of Nissan Primera is 10.48*70 = US$734.00 If export size is not specified for the car of your interest you may consider an average value of similar cars

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Ship from USA to Nigeria as our ocean freight to Nigeria leaves the US every week with an estimated transit time of 6-8 weeks (ocean priority) and 8-12 weeks (standard shipping). Save upto 75% using our ocean freight to Nigeria, when received in Nigeria, our customs clearing agent in Nigeria clears within 5 business days, then we proceed to. Auto Car Shippers - International Car Shipping from the USA. AutoCarShippers are part of the largest UK and USA network of professional car shipping companies operating between the USA UK and Europe. We ship over 25,000 cars per year out of the US and offer the highest level of expertise to ensure the safest of journeys wherever you are in the US How much does it cost to ship a container to Nigeria. These are examples of the cheapest rates for 20 foot FCL container shipping to Nigeria's ports: Algeciras - Lagos. From 1,712 $. Barcelona - Lagos. From 1,712 $. Valencia - Lagos. From 1,766 $. Miami - Lagos Car shipping from Tilbury to Lagos 3 times a month allows us to offer our customers a regular and reliable service to Nigeria. RORO car shipping services to Lagos starts from £475 for a standard size saloon car and £775 for 4 x 4's and small vans. Transit time when shipping cars to Lagos takes approximately 18 days from the UK

Top-rated courier services to Nigeria. Here are our most frequently bought package delivery services to Nigeria: Economy shipping to Nigeria . DHL eCommerce - This service offers the cheapest way to ship to Nigeria from the USA, with a delivery time* of 11 to 22 business days. DHL eCommerce comes with basic tracking and packages can be dropped off at your nearest USPS Post Office Bro thank you so much for your efforts this really helped alot as i am expanding my business in Nigeria now, we own a company named mitsab.com which is a sister company of linearshipping.com and we are in the business of shipping cars from US to different regions since 13 years now, we already have several clients in Nigeria as well Contact us for instant cost of importation to Nigeria from USA, UK, Europe, India, Dubai, China, and World over. We are Nigeria No1 Freight forwarder providing shipping and clearing services. We offer Air / Ocean shipping, Instant Freight rates, Lcl / groupage shipping, Container importation and custom clearing Hi Ubedullah, the cost for shipping your car will be between AED 10,000 and AED 15,000 (freight charges) - however additional costs will need to be paid for customs, clearances and duties. Please get in touch with us so we can provide you with exact quotes from our partners

Service Areas Covered: USA, especially to Africa and the Middle East. U.S OFFICE 4910 Wright Road, Ste. 160 Stafford, Texas 77477; LAGOS OFFICE 364 Herbert Macaulay Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria; Phone: +1 (281) 501-2922 Fax: +1-832-201-8278 Email: sales@sgkglobal.com; Phone: 234-818-336-9172 234-1-295-1074 234-705-606-847 The Nigerian Customs receive duty for the importation of cars, these duties vary by the size, capacity, and the year of manufacture of the car.Used vehicles will pay 35% duty while newer cars from 2016 will attract a levy charge of 35%, duty 35% which totals 70%. The carrier of your car e.g shipping company will receive their shipping charges, these shipping charges vary only by the weight and. We focus on fast shipping from the US and UK to Nigeria. When you express ship boxes to Nigeria, you can expect to receive your packages within 2 to 4 days. Items delivered via economy shipping typically arrive in just 5 to 10 days

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Car shipping costs vary depending on a number of factors. These include; distance travelled, destination duties and taxes, the type of service required and the make and model of your vehicle. As a guide, the cost to ship from the UK to Cyprus is £509, whereas car shipping costs from the UK to Australia start from £784 Import cars from USA, Canada to Nigeria. Published. on. October 2, 2018. By. Nevertheless, even combined with the shipping cost, it is still worth the buying cars from North America. The way. VEHICLE SHIPPING TO WEST AFRICA. We pride ourselves in being the experts in shipping vehicles to all areas of West Africa. Luna Shipping can assist no matter what vehicle type you are wishing to ship, old or new. From Lagos, Tema, Abidjan, Douala and all other popular West African destination's Luna Shipping have it covered

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Follow the instructions below to ensure a smooth shipping process: Pay for the lot in FULL and send wire transfer receipt or a wire transfer notification to buyer.ar@copart.com. Select one of the shipping options above and contact the company. Power of Attorney with notary (for buyers who purchased a car in Arkansas, Arizona, Georgia, Hawaii. The best container shipping rates for shipping a 20-foot FCL from US to Nigeria. Our quote engine allows you to obtain as many as 317 rates for your ocean freight shipment from US to Nigeria. SAVANNAH - LAGOS. From 1794.00 $. MIAMI - LAGOS Get a free freight quote from the best car shipping companies in Dubai. Aeon Shipping is specialized in international household goods moving and car shipping services in Dubai, UAE - UK, USA and worldwide Ship From Nigeria to USA. Option 1 - If you are in Lagos or centers where we have partners (Abuja, Port Harcourt, Warri), simply drop off your items in any of these locations. Option 2 - If you are anywhere else in Nigeria, go to the nearest Fedex/Red Star office (www.redstarplc.com) and give us a call from there Shipping a car to the US typically costs between £552 and £1509 depending on the destination port and your vehicle. Shipping a saloon car to New York, for example will cost roughly £791 with a transit time of 11 days. See below for indicative car shipping costs for the major US destinations. Rates are current at the time of writing but may.

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Cost Of Clearing Cars in Nigeria. Furthermore, the cost of clearing cars in Nigeria has changed from 2016, 2017, and in 2018. The reason for these is the change in the exchange rate currently, the exchange rate used by the customs is $1 to ₦381 (recently updated by Customs). While this exchange rate is subject to change at intervals. Shipping costs by sea £14,814 - £16,374 Please note: the prices listed here are meant as an estimate only. The best way to get a comprehensive, tailored quote is to fill out our form and be matched with a supplier While the cost of a containerised car shipping method is combination of both the space a car occupies plus the container shipping cost. The Downside Of Roro Method Of Shipping Cars To Nigeria. The major setback encountered by most shippers or customers when using Roro method to ship car or vehicle to Nigeria is this 5. Make 6 copies of the docket receipt and 6 copies of the car title front and back. 6. Take your car and paper work to the Port. 7. The Port staff will give you a receipt confirming that your car was accepted for shipping. 8. The broker then sends you a bill for the shipping. 9

American Auto Shipping is our pick for the cheapest short-distance car shipper. The company is $200 more affordable than the competition for transports of less than 500 miles. Data as of 5/13/2020. Average cost calculated by comparing costs for three car sizes across five distances Exporting goods from USA to any part of Nigeria. Look no more as AdeLove Shipping is here to save you the Stress. Call us Today at the number below: Contact Adelove Shipping : USA: +1-844-238-2728. Nigeria: +234-809-067-1843 (You can WhatsApp) AdeLove Freight Service's complete logistics offerings are as follows Cost Of Clearing Imported Cars in Nigeria. Today's post will cover the cost of clearing Imported Cars in Nigeria, now most cars are basically imported from Cotonu and those that are either brought in via other foreign countries are usually accidental or damage vehicles which are bought off from auction sites or bid at from their respective countries Do you have questions about how shipping rates are calculated? Visit the link below to get your answers! To explore how Aramex can benefit your business, please provide us with your contact details and one of our team members will be in touch with you shortly

The cheapest cars in Nigeria include the Volkswagen Golf, Volvo S40, Mazda 626, Peugeot 406 and Nissan Altima. Look at the table below to get the prices of these models. No. Cheapest cars in Nigeria. Tokunbo prices. Nigerian-used prices. 1. Volkswagen Golf Ameritrans Shipping Company offers RORO Car shipping, oversized cargo RO/RO machinery shipping, boat transport, project cargo handling, break bulk service at reasonable freight rates from USA. Phone: +1(800)-413-245 The newest clearing fee consists of two smaller fees. When importing a car to Nigeria, you need to pay 35% of the car cost as a duty plus a 35% levy. As a result, the cost of clearing a car in 2020 is 70% of the cost of the car, which can definitely take a toll on your buying budget

We can ship a car to anywhere in the world including car shipping to South Africa, Australia, New Zealand - NZ, USA, Canada, Mauritius, Mozambique, Tanzania, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Ghana, Europe, Malta, Asia - Middle & Far East, China, India, Pakistan, Mongolia, Malaysia, Japan just to name to a few places - making us the leading car. Roll on/roll off is by far the cheaper & most cost effective way to ship a vehicle overseas. All roll on/roll off vessels have been purpose built to carry 'Rolling Cargo', we ship anything from cars, trucks, boats, caravans, motorhomes, motorcycles & machinery such as JCBs securely on these vessels. All vehicles must have steering, brakes or be.

Use the FedEx Shipping Calculator for estimated shipping costs based on details, such as shipment origin, destination, date, packaging, and weight A car shipping calculator is how you generate your quote and find out how much it will cost to ship your car, but not all cost calculators are the same. Many car shipping websites have cost estimators that require you to provide your name, email, and phone number before they'll give you a quote Duty Rates. While searching for the total cost of clearing cars in Nigeria, you have to know that depending on the products, your duty rates in Nigeria vary from 0% to 35%, where the average duty rate at 16.96%. Also, irrespective of that, some products can be imported for free without having to pay duty (e.g. books) Adelove Shipping can handle your ocean shipping service from port-to-port and door-to-door to Nigeria as you ship from USA. This includes Household goods, Oil and Gas supplies, LTC, CL and off. International Car Transport Costs. Car transport and shipping costs vary widely depending on quickly you need your vehicle and your shipping method. If shipping by sea via a shipping container, your costs may be as low as a few hundred dollars, but could take well over 1 month. You can save even more money if you don't need door-to-door.

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Shipping Container Costs to Nigeria Planning on a move to West Africa? You can't get much more exciting than Nigeria. With over 198 million people living there, it's the most populous country on the continent, bursting with vibrant culture and stunning wildlife (especially elephants). Abuja is the capital city, but it's in Lagos - home to more than 21 million people - where things. A well maintained Kia Soul in Nigeria will cost you only ₦850,000. Price Of Popular Cars In Nigeria. There is no fixed price for any car. The cost of your dream vehicle can be determined by the model, car store/dealer, location, features, and even size. There are so many factors that can make a cheap car to become expensive overnight For example, the approximate cost of shipping a car to the USA is AED 9,000 - 15,000, so you'll pay somewhere between those figures, depending on the type of shipping you choose. So, say the type of shipping you choose costs AED 10,000, and there are 2.5% taxes, you simply need to multiply your car's value by 0.025, and add that figure on. Enjoy Car shipping like no other from USA to Nigeria. Load your items inside your car and ship, for the price of one, this means that you can now ship your items for free from USA when shipping a car. No other shipping company does it better than shiptonaija. To enjoy this call us now on +1 888 7447 952 to pick up the car from any location in.

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Therefore, assuming your vehicle is used (above 3000 miles), the following is the cost of clearance: 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLE 450 Coupe (Used) valued at $44,111 by customs. Customs duty payable - ₦5,045,000. Terminal Charge (RORO) - ₦65,000. Service Charge - ₦400,000. Total cost of clearing - ₦5,510,000 Jul-26-2012 05:17 PM. Re: SCAMS!!! Don't Ship to Nigeria!!! THANK YOU!! OMG, I was selling a diamond ring for $2000. He didn't tell me I was shipping to Nigeria until after he posted the money to my account, including shipping and insurance. I went to my local Aero mail and paid the shipping fees and all Reliable vehicles up for auction ⏳ Affordable shipping to Nigeria 2010 Mazda 3 i Sport 2.0L AT in Hillsborough, NJ Place your bid: https://bit.ly/3wknwet ⛴ Place your order: https://bit.ly/3jzi2K4 2012 Honda CR-V EX 2.4L AT in Pennsburg, PA Place your bid: https://bit.ly/3AjpyP2 ⛴ Place your order.